D30x Android RTK User Manual

⚠ Before using the device, please make sure data connection via WiFi or 3G/4G is on service normally.

RTK+ service working directory:

⚠ raw data and csv point file will be saved in a workday directory(by date, named:yyyyMMdd)

  • D303 and D302 comparison
Items D303 multi-freq D302 single-freq
constellation GPS/QZSS L1/L2,BDS B1/B2,GLO L1/L2,GAL E1 GPS L1,GLO L1,BDS B1,GAL E1
RTK initial 10s 120s

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1. GNSS Module Setting

1.1 Power On/Off GNSS Module

Enter RTK setting page from system "Settings":

Power on GNSS module by turning on the power switch

1.2 Switch GNSS Constellation

⚠ By default, the GNSS module is running on supporting all constellation.

2. Working as Rover Mode

2.1 CORS/VRS/Base Station Setting:


Youtube online tutorial


2.1.1 CORS/VRS Setting

Configure NTRIP client settings:**

press Item "mount point", pop up the window:

then choose the correct mountpoint from the list.

⚠ it still supports input mount point manually.

2.1.2 Transmit GPGGA to Base Station

When using VRS as the base station, rover needs to report its position to VRS firstly.

⚠ Please keep default "single solution".

2.1.3 Start RTK

Enter RTK Service status screen by pressing: "RTK+"

Click "…" in the right-up corner :

Press the "Start RTK+" button to start RTK service:

Normally in one minute, the solution status will change from single→Float→Fixed. And the color indicator will change from black →Orange →Green.

When the solution status becomes "Fixed". It's in RTK fix mode.

2.1.4 Switch solution view

Long press the circled area for 2 seconds, there will be a menu pops up to choose different solution format:

support the following solution format:

2.1.5 Stop RTK

There are several cases you need to turn off RTK service first:

  1. Finish working
  2. Change GNSS constellations system
  3. Change CORS/VRS/Base station setting
  4. Change other RTK Services settings

3. Working as Base Station Mode

3.1 Set to Base Mode

To set the device working as Base Station mode, choose "set to Base mode" in the menu.

⚠ if you want to use datagnss ntrip service, please keep the default Stream settings.

Choose "station position" and fill up the known position.

3.2 D30x-RTK Rover working with D30x-RTK Base Station

When use D30X RTK as base, the Stream settings as following:

Host: ntrip.datagnss.com, Port:2101,NTRIP Mountpoint. NTRIP Mountpoint = base s/n (serial number), user name: gps1, password: 123456

⚠ Please Keep "Base station position" to "RTCM Antenna position":

4. Applications Update

When power on the D30x-RTK device for the first time, or received application update notification from DataGNSS, please open the "AppBus" application and check for update

After entering AppBus application, updatable applications will be downloaded and upgraded automatically. Please wait for a few minutes to finish update.

After the update finished, the icon on the right will change to green.

5. FAQ

5.1 How to record raw data?


Youtube online tutorial


⚠ Then "Start RTK+",rtk+ will record raw data to file.

Press "Stop RTK+" to finish record raw data.

File Manager App,please find folder "RTK+"

5.2 How to convert raw data to rinex format file?

Copy file to your PC from D30x device via usb.

then go to "dat2rnx" folder, execute "dat2rnx.exe".

step 1: choose the raw data ".dat/.rtcm3" file

step 2: press "Convert"

you will find rinex file in the same folder with the original raw data file.

download dat2rnx utility: dat2rnx.zip

5.3 How to post-process raw data(PPK)?

step 1: choose rover rinex file

step 2: choose base rinex file

step 3: process.

config processing option like the following:

download post-process utility: post-processing.zip

(this utility is a part of rtklib, so you could download full rtklib from it’s github page )

5.4 How to record rtk solution to csv file?

Please find a named date folder in RTK+ project folder.

*.crw is the csv file.