Dev-Edge-RTK user manual

DEV-EDGE-1302基于华硕工业级ARM平台——Tinkerboard EDGE R开发的RTK测试评估套件,具有6核心的高性能处理器, 并整合了Rockchip NPU,可以方便的进行机器学习,AI加速。区别于普通的ARM单板系统,EDGE R具有板载eMMC加载 系统,稳定、高速和可靠。支援Linux与Android系统。同时,EDGE R采用工业级宽电压设计,支持12-19V DC电源输 入,稳定的电压和电源保护设计,可以让系统稳定作业并发挥完整的效能。

DEV-EDGE-1302 通过mini PCIe接口,内置Allystar TAU1302高精度GNSS模组,TAU1302支持1/2/5/10Hz 的原始观测量 输出,支援RTCM3.2 MSM4和MSM7数据输出,可以非常方便高效的进行高精度 RTK 定位及定向。

DEV-EDGE-1302 内置针对ARM64位平台优化的RTK算法,支持最高10Hz RTK解算及定向,是最佳的“开箱即用”开发套件, 可以快速的帮你评估 TAU1302模组和适合自主研发产品的RTK高精度算法。



  • Tinkerboard Edge-R
  • 电源适配器,12V/3A
  • DM-1302-P1,mini PCIe (已装在主板上)
  • 双频段WiFi模组(已装在主板上)

Both USB and 2pins support power in, only choose one

USB plugged in the computer’s USB port may not work


  • WiFi (2.4G b/g),connect WiFi to fetch RTCM data from remote NTRIP caster or upload RTCM data to NTRIP caster
  • Bluetooth (2.1 EDR+4.0),output NMEA or RTCM data
  • Radio(800-2000m,3DR compatible)

Quick guide



1.Connect usb interface to USB adapter or Power bank. the Current must exceed 300mA.

2.the Power LED red light will be on.

WiFi connection

1.The device will create a WiFi AP, the SSID: YRTK-XXXXXX. “XXXXXX” is the last 6 digits of MAC address.

2.Connect this WiFi in your phone or Laptop, then open the in Chrome or Safari.

3.Press “Scan” to find your local WiFi or the hotspot created from your Phone.

above “192.168.xx.xx” is your new IP address, please remember it.

NTRIP client information

  1. Please config the NTRIP client account.
  2. if your reference station is VRS, please config NMEA relay back.

Please “Submit” to save the configuration.

Then the device will reboot to apply the new configuration.

In the next, you only need power on the device, It will work properly.

Android app for test

Download app from the following url:


1.Paired BT in your phone. (BT name:ET10_SPP……) app, choose the paired BT in the preference

3.start or stop connection

4.tap “start” in logging to log nmea data

Output NMEA to other devices

6pins UART connector support output NMEA data. the 6pins definition is printed near connector.

6pins connector specification: Pitch 1.25mm BAR Connectors

How to choose GNSS antenna for your RTK application?

Where to place your receiver in field?


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