TAU1312 evk evaluation guide

1. Test EVK-TAU1312 with Satrack


TAU1312-evk datasheet

1.1 Requirement

1.1.1 Hardware

  • RTK EVK(TAU1312) *1
  • GNSS antenna*1
  • USB cable*1
  • GNSS antenna cable*1
  • Power bank(optional)

1.1.2 Software


1.2 Specifications

  • support 1/2/5Hz for rtk output rate
  • support 1/2/5/10Hz for standalone output rate
  • support rtk rover mode and base mode

1.3 Guide


Tips TAU1312 support the following working mode:


1.4 Standalone mode

1.4.1 set to standalone mode

set DGNSS to none

1.4.2 set PVT output rate

set output rate

Note: set the “Update period” to

  • 1000ms for 1Hz
  • 500ms for 2Hz
  • 200ms for 5Hz
  • 100ms for 10Hz

Tips For TAU1312, support 1/2/5/10Hz in standalone mode.

1.5 RTK mode

1.5.1 set to RTK mode

set DGNSS to RTK

1.5.2 set RTK data output rate [PVT,NMEA]

set output rate

Note: set the “Update period” to

  • 1000ms for 1Hz
  • 500ms for 2Hz
  • 200ms for 5Hz

Tips For TAU1312, support 1/2/5Hz in RTK mode.

1.5.3 RTK base station

set evk as a base staion, you need set the evk to output RTCM data:

  • Type 1005 (base station position)
  • Type 1077/1087/1097/1107/1117/1127 (raw data, MSM7)

Tips To reduce the data payload, you could set the RTCM data from MSM7 to MSM4.

i. set output rate to 1Hz

set output rate

ii. set NMEA output off

NMEA off

iii. set RTCM output on


iv. set fixed position for base station

set fixed position for base staion

  • If you have the known position for base station, please input the three value XYZ.
  • Otherwise, press “GetNow” to fill the XYZ field
  • Then Press “Send” button

After above operation, you will see the following 1005 with the fixed base position.

Check RTCM type 1005 with the fixed pos

1.6 Save config

Tips Save config to keep the configuration available in the next power boot.

Save config

Press “Send” button to save it. Sometimes if the data update rate is too high, you need press button several times.

2. Test EVK-TAU1312 with 3rd party utilities

  • str2str, a powerful utility for stream application
  • rtkplot, a powerful plot utility

above two utilities is the part of the famous RTKLIB. if you want the full experience test, please download RTKLIB from rtklib official website

Step by step:

(TODO) coming soon…

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