D300 series quick guide

Please follow below quick guides to configure and use the product.

Install battery and SIM card or TF card

  • Screw up back battery cover screw
  • Remove batter cover
  • Install SIM card or TF card follow the instructions

Activate Mapit GIS

  • MapIt-GIS application is pre-installed on device for end user. We offer the unlimited license
  • Open “MapIt GIS” on device, Press “Activate” on splash screen, and then scan the QR code on the D30x-RTK package box.
  • If the activation process is successful, it will turn off automatically. Re-open MapIt GIS application and you can begin to use the application.

Activate QR code

RTK operation

  • Enter “RTK+” service from system “Settings”.
  • Switch on RTK module
  • Config “CORS/VRS Setting”
  • “Start Service”
  • After solution being rtk fixed, press Home button to keep service background.
  • Run Mapit Pro or any other software.
  • For further usage help of RTK service, please visit User manual(for Android 5.x) , or New user manual(for Android 8.1).
  • Any other questions please visit Support center .
  • or send email to info#datagnss.com .